Raya and the Last Dragon - A Disney Asian Heroin Animated Movie

Raya and the Last Dragon
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Disney Studios released a new animated movie on March 21, 2021 that received lots of positive reviews. Raya and the Last Dragon took place in fantasy lands that resembled Southeast Asian countries. 

Unlike any other Disney princesses, Raya has slightly tanned skin that pretty much represents the skin from tropic Asian countries. 

The story can be easily stomached even for kids as it wasn’t very complicated. The movie taught you how to trust each other when you would like to build something like a relationship, work, or anything. 

Without trust, it won’t work! 

There were five nations that once lived in a peaceful world called Kumandra until they became greedy when they saw the magic dragon’s gem known as the spirit of Sisu. Raya and the Last Dragon became the 59th animated movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios. 

As it was inspired by Southeast Asian cultures, you will see lots of Asians with their unique cultures, food, and wardrobes throughout the movie.  

The story was quite entertaining and fairly straightforward. It began when Raya’s father, Benja, the chief of Heart nation invited the four nations including the Fang, Spine, Talon, and Tail for a feast. 

Namaari of the Fang was a girl at the same age as Raya. She gave Raya a necklace of Sisu as a sign of their friendship. Raya felt she had to give Namaari in return so she showed her where the Sisu’s gem is located. 

Namaari gave a sign where the secret location was to all people and they came to invade the place. They argued with one other which one deserved better to have the gem. While fighting for the gem, the gem fell and broke into pieces. 

The Druun suddendly came and turned people into stone, including Raya’s father, Chief Benja. Raya’s mission is to find and assemble the pieces in hope that the stones would turn into a human once again. 

Druun is a metaphorical form of human greediness that would soon turn anyone who gets touched into a statue. They also turned many lands almost into a desert where no water resources can be found. 

There were plenty of Southeast Asian cultures fused in the two-hour-long movie such as architecture, dancers, and traditional music players. 

If you take a look at Raya’s weapon it’s similar to the Indonesian traditional weapon known as “keris.” The fight styles used in Raya and the Last Dragon were also inspired by many martial arts like Pencak silat from Indonesia, Muay Thai, and Krabi-krabong from Thailand. 

You will see the dragon that can speak and can turn into a human form. What makes Raya and the Last Dragon even worth seeing is Raya’s friend Tuk Tuk. He was a small creature at the beginning of the movie that he later big enough for Raya to ride on.

Tuk Tuk, a half-armadillo and half-pug, would turn into a wheel-shaped animal that accompanied Raya to achieve her noble mission. Her father believed that they could be Kumandra again and the nations could live in harmony.

The hybrid fella was very cute that you might wish it was a real creature so that you could have one. 

Raya wasn’t alone. In the journey, she found enemy-turned-friend companions that helped her achieve her dream. Your eyes will be pampered by the beauty of Southeast Asian countries during the movie. 

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