Racist Korean Guy Boasted that Koreans are Upper than Indonesians on Ome TV

Ome TV is a simple platform or app in which you can download and make a video call, talking to people from different parts of the world.

You can choose people from what country you want to talk to, and make friends or build a good relationship overseas. The good thing about this platform is that you can practice talking with them, have a small conversation, and hone your language skills.

For some people, it would be, well, a place where they can do inappropriate things by showing their parts of the body, which is very ridiculous. It’s because there are also kids who do use this app or platform and they could get bad experiences if parents don’t give them a guide while using it.

That's one of common problems you can find on social media, including Ome TV. 

You can be the center of attention with your language skills, your voice or any interesting things you offer and viewers can also learn something from you. Many would love to see cultures from the person they're having a conversation with. 

YouTubers make good use of it by recording their videos, uploading them on YouTube, and they would soon get so many views shortly after they put them on their YouTube channels.

Fiki Naki has risen to fame after he showed up his video conversations on YouTube. The 20-year-old YouTuber has now garnered almost four million subscribers worldwide. His videos mostly contain his talk with people, especially Russian girls as he’s learning Russian and some other languages.

Fiki Naki

The Indonesian YouTuber had a nice conversation with a Kazakhstan girl named Dayana. They made a series of their conversations on YouTube and viewers, especially Indonesians, just couldn’t get enough with them.


But after a misunderstanding, they were reported to have a dispute over work. Dayana then later issued a statement that outraged her Indonesian fans although she later apologized after her followers altogether decided to unfollow her on Instagram. 

She also asked him to take down all of her videos with him on YouTube. 

The latest news that happens on the same platform comes from a Korean guy who said that Koreans are better than Indonesia at everything.

This news came from a YouTuber Indah Asmigianti. The video started like any other videos at first when she talked with people on Ome TV, mostly Koreans as she’s perfecting her Korean language.

When she met the guy, he commenced to say that she’s ugly, and lots of cursed words that made her and viewers see red. He boasted about Korea and stated that Koreans are upper than Indonesians.

The 25-year-old Balinese YouTuber had actually warned him that he was being recorded and she would upload it on YouTube and promised him he would be very famous because of what he said. But he didn’t care and asked her to prove it.

After the news spreaded, his Instagram account received lots of backlash from Indonesians and he admitted that he was wrong and asked for forgiveness.

Koreans also feel tremendously ashamed of what he said to Indonesians and they even mocked him.

The footage has now amassed half a million views and counting as she has just started making videos on YouTube. Her channel has also got more and more subscribers as people start looking for her channel.

This is why parents should pay attention to their kids when they’re using their phones because you don’t know with whom your children interact.

Bullying and racism have become common things you see on many social media platforms as they think they can just say and leave it. However, they don't have the right to judge or bully others. They might think you can never catch them as you live across the nation and don’t know what their addresses are. 

But nothing is impossible on the internet. People can track and find you, so be careful. 

The full video is here

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