Aerobics Instructor Unintentionally Captures a Military Coup while Nonchalantly Exercising with Hard-to-Resist Music

ampun bang jago
Khing Hnin Wai

Staying healthy needs determination and effort as you’re now living in an uncertain world where there’s a wicked plague wreaking havoc around the globe. 

Covid-19 has taken millions of lives and the world has been searching to find its cure. People are advised to stay at home and only be allowed to go out for obtaining what’s necessary. 

Khing Hnin Wai shared videos of her doing daily exercise to encourage people to stay active while hoping the pandemic will be over soon. 

It was just ordinary videos like other dancing videos, not until she caught a military parade, which made it went wild on many social media platforms. 

King Hnin Wai was minding her business while doing her routine in the morning. She was following the upbeat music energetically moving left and right while lifting her hands into the air. 

In the middle of the video, it can be seen that there were lots of black SUVs and a military convoy that were about to enter the barrier outside Myanmar’s parliament. 

You can see that she wasn’t aware of what was happening in the country as she kept following the beat. 

The music video came from Indonesian singers Tian Storm and Ever Slkr called “Ampun Bang Jago.” 

The song was considered perfect for the companion music to what was she doing and what was going on behind her. 

When she uploaded the footage on February 2nd on Facebook, she hadn’t the slightest idea that it would receive lots of attention such as comments, likes, and shares. 

It made her become a sensational topic for a while. 

The three-minute-long video has been viewed a hundred thousand times, if not, more. Many said the video was edited and the original song was changed, but on her Facebook account, it can be clearly seen that it was not. 

People also speculated that she did it on purpose so that she could gain popularity, but she then proved them wrong by showing other videos that took place at the same location days before the coup. 

Khing Hnin Wai was wearing a mask and a black and yellow outfit when she recorded the video. Doing aerobics is part of her everyday life and she didn’t choose the place because she knew what would happen.

She had already been there before the coup. 

She wore different attire in each of her videos, which also slammed those who question her intention when doing aerobics. 

The song Ampun Bang Jago itself it’s pretty popular in Indonesia and often used as a music background when people make TikTok videos. 

Because of the song, the video also drew lots of Indonesian netizens debating whether the song used in it was true. It’s only natural as she is from Myanmar and Ampun Bang Jago is an Indonesian song. 

They soon realized it was real when they visited her Facebook account 

Up to this date, there are still lots of protests against the military coup that has taken many lives of the demonstrators. 

You can see the video here

facebook/khing hnin wai

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