Malaysian Grandma Lost RM300,000 in Milo Tins after They Got Invaded by Pests

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Saving money is a smart way to deal with unexpected expenses as you cannot foresee what the future might bring. From kids to adults, setting aside some money is important, and it’s a sign that you’re trying to be wise with your spending. 

People would love to deposit their money in banks for that reason. But, believe it or not, there are some people who love to keep their cash in traditional piggy-banks like empty tins, bamboo sticks, and stuff. 

Recently, a grandmother from Malaysia lost her money around RM300,000 as she stored it in Milo tins. The money wasn’t stolen though, but it got crumbled into little pieces as seen in the video. 

The  video was shared on a Facebook group, and it went viral. She had no idea that saving money in empty tins was a bad idea. Lots of RM100 notes were on the floor in such bad shapes after they got destroyed by insects that raid them. 

The man in the video said “All the notes that I’ve taken out here have problems. There’s RM10,000 in one stack, and there are a total of 23 stacks, so that’s RM230,000,” according to World of Buzz

There were also some piles of cash that were folded as they were left there for quite some time. Each bundle was reported to be around RM20,000 per pile. It means a bundle was about RM40,000. It’s clearly not a small amount of money. 

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It can happen particularly to people who wouldn’t bother themselves to keep their money in banks. They might think that it’s not a problem to store money at home in whatever place they can use. 

But there’s a risk for that, and you might already familiar with this kind of case. Have you experienced this kind of thing yourself? Or do you know someone who tries to save his money but ends up regretting it as it gets destroyed by water drip, pests or any unexpected things? 

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