Spies in Disguise Full Synopsis - a Fun and Entertaining Action Comedy Movie to Bear the Pandemic

Spies in Disguises movie 2019
Spies in Disguises

Spies in Disguise is an American action comedy movie released in 2019. It was produced by Blue Sky Studios, and 20th Century Fox.

Walter Becket is a genius boy who lives with his mom that works as a police officer. He often tries to create some inventions that he thinks will be useful for humans.

In the morning, his mom asks where her tweezers are, but when she opens the doors a flying object breaks her mug.

Yes, apparently Walter has been working on his weird ideas again. Walter says sorry that he breaks the mug. He’s sort of unconfident with himself as many kids at school call him “weird.”

Her mom always believes that there’s nothing wrong with being weird. She says that one day his weird ideas will save the world. She gets an urgent call from her team and goes to the crime scene.

14 Years later – Iwate Prefecture, Japan

Special agent Lance Sterling is on a mission to take back the stolen secret weapon, M9 Assassin drone, from a Japanese arms dealer, Katsu Kimura.

When the buyer, a villain with an enhanced and modification hand, Killian comes to take the drone, Sterling strikes the Japanese gang to get the weapon in the briefcase.

He fights Killian who already gets the briefcase, but Killian manages to scan Sterling’s face before he leaves the place.

Sterling tries to catch him by using a small bomb to lunch himself into the air as the enemy has already got in a chopper. He succeeds in taking back the briefcase from Killian as he jumps out of the Japanese base.

Sterling gets back to his headquarter where he gets his order from the director Joy Jenkins.  

He asks his fellow scientists who’s the guy behind the weird inventions that he uses during the mission as he could have been killed because the gadgets aren’t as good as he has expected.

He tells Walter to follow what he says to make correct gadgets for the sake of the agents and the world.

But Walter, a young scientist who graduated MIT at 15 and edited human genomes while in middle school, insists that using deadly weapons can be avoided when tackling bad guys as he doesn’t want to use violence.

Sterling fires Walter as he can’t provide what he wants. The proud special agent then goes to the director and hands over the briefcase to her, but it’s empty. The M9 Assassin isn’t there.

Marcy Kappel from the security forces unit comes to capture Sterling as she has footage of the cocky agent in Japan attacking people using the drone. He tries to defend himself that it isn’t him, but nobody believes him.

Sterling escapes from the headquarter and is looking for someone who can prove his innocence. It’s Katsu Kimura who is now in Mexico. Sterling tries to find a way to get there and thinks that Walter might want to help him.

Sterling arrives at Walter’s house and asks him a tech that could make him disappears as he’s now a wanted man. Walter is doing an experiment when Sterling asks for his help.

Walter’s holding a tech formula in a glass, but Sterling takes the glass off Walter’s hand and drinks it without knowing that the liquid could turn him into a pigeon.

Being a pigeon, Sterling cannot be able to do almost anything as he can’t fly although he’s literally a bird. A pigeon.

Marry comes to catch sterling at Walter’s house, but she doesn’t know that he’s become a pigeon. Sterling runs with Walter using his hi-tech car and they get chased by the Special Forces units.

They managed to escape although there was some chaos as Sterling had to fight Walter over the wheel and what weapon to use to stop the forces.

They fly to Mexico to dig some information about the Robo Hand, Killian from Kimura. Sterling asks Kimura what does he know about the man, but the other pigeons just keep on bothering him.

Kimura notices something weird that Sterling is a pigeon. When Kimura is about to kill Sterling with a heavy object, Walter comes to save him with his magic pen.

After interrogating him, they finally get the answer to what Killian’s been planning with the drones.

The Special Forces arrive at the scene to arrest Sterling. Walter and Sterling get trapped as they are on a high floor and they must jump from one building to another if they don’t want to be caught.

When Walter and Sterling have nowhere to go, one pigeon steals Walter’s pen and swallows it. The pigeon then shoots all of the agents with the pen, vomiting pinkish jelly-like weapon, and firmly trap them there.

Again, Walter and Sterling get away from them.


Somewhere in the Adriatic Sea

Walter’s working on the antidote. Sterling has been dying to get back to his human form, but the formula doesn’t work this time.

Venice, Italy

Sterling and Walter come to stop Killian from stealing the database containing important data of all the US agents. When they get there, Marcy and her agents are there too to catch them.

An explosive rocks a building, and a drone already takes the database away. Walter throws Sterling off the roof, although he knows that the pigeon cannot fly, but he’s sure that he’ll figure it out.

Walter takes a motorcycle to chase the drone, but when he finally be able to catch it, Killian is there and takes the database back. Killian stamps Walter and is about to kill Walter, but Walter throws breadcrumbs at him.

Thousands of pigeons suddenly gather at once trying to eat them while Walter and Sterling go away.

Marcy arrives at the scene and holds a gun toward Killian who changes his face into Sterling’s and escapes from her by hanging onto the drone.

With the database in Killian’s hands, Sterling doesn’t know what to do next as the lives of many agents of the US are at the stake.

Luckily, Walter manages to put a tracker on Killian during the pigeon’s attack and they know where to find him. Sterling thanks him and says that he couldn’t have done without his help.

Walter is delighted to hear what Sterling says that he hugs and squeezes him so tight that he lays an egg. Now Walter knows what makes him fail to provide the antidote as he thought Sterling was a male pigeon.

Walter creates a new antidote and gives it to Sterling. He drinks it right away, and it turns him into his human form again.

Cover Weapons facility – North Sea

Sterling plans on catching Killian, the Robo Hand, alone and orders Walter to go home and put him to sleep in a boat.

Sterling has been defeated and tied to a chair. Killian launches one thousand drones with target names programmed on them.

The radar detects there’s an incoming object approaching Killian’s base. Killian orders two drones to destroy it.

Sterling knows that it’s Walter and begs him to let Walter go. But Killian refuses it, and let Sterling see the boat blows in the water.

Sterling thinks Walter has died, but he saved thanks to the inflatable hugger gadget. They become a team and try to solve the problem there and now.

Walter tries to hack Killian’s robotic hand that controls all the drones while Sterling and Marcy buy some time for him.

When Killian finds their true objective, he tries to escape with his drone flying above the sky. Walter catches his leg with the magic pen and Sterling holds Walter tight but Killian manages to pull him up.

After the hack mission completes, Walter gives Killian the inflatable hug gadget to save him as the drones are shut down, letting Walter himself fall from the sky.

Sterling has no choice but to become a pigeon once again by drinking the formula.

Meanwhile, the headquarter in which Joy Jenkins and all her agents work is rained down by a plethora of drones, but by the time they just inches to kill all the people there they get turned off, all of them.

Sterling becomes a pigeon and he finally be able to fly and catches Walter with the help of a flock of pigeons. Walter can land safely although it isn’t that smooth.

Spies in Disguise was directed by Troy Quane, and Nick Bruno. Starring Will Smith, Tom Holland, Rashida Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Reba McEntire, Rachel Brosnahan, Karen Gillian, DJ Khaled and Masi Oka

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