Kaze Tachinu Full Synopsis (The Wind Rises) - a Ghibli Movie about Dreams, Love, and War

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Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) is a 2013 animated movie written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The movie was released on July 20 in Japan and on 21 February 2014 in the US. The movie was based on the life of Jiro Horikoshi who built the Zero fighter during the World War II.

It tells a story about a young Japanese man named Jiro Horikoshi, and his dream is to build a beautiful and magnificent airplane.

Jiro is about to ride an airplane on his roof and explores the beautiful area around. He sees a giant airplane carrying lots of bombs. Jiro’s plane gets crashed and he’s falling. Then, he wakes up from his dream.

Jiro is a boy with thick glasses as he has problems with his eyesight, which forbids him from becoming a pilot.

He admires a famous Italian aeronautical designer with impressive mustaches, Giovanni Caproni. Caproni often comes to Jiro’s dreams and talks a lot about airplanes and stuff, and encourages him to keep pursuing his dreams.

Jiro grows up to be a young man and is riding a steam train. He’s about to leave the train, sitting outside while reading a book. When the wind blows so suddenly, his hat gets blown off, and a girl from the next car catches the hat.

The train is supposed to arrive at the train station, but there’s a huge earthquake that stops the train and the passengers jump out of the train in panic. The girl who catches Jiro’s hat is with her maid, Kinu.

Unfortunately, Kinu breaks her leg and can’t walk on her own. So, Jiro needs to carry her to a safe place for a while. As they’re walking, they look around and see that the earthquake has caused huge fires everywhere as thick and dark smoke covers the skies.

The girl and Kinu are heading Ueno and Jiro wants to go to his University so they can come along while looking for help and leaving Kinu there to rest. After the help comes, Jiro leaves without telling his name to those people.

Two Years Passes

Jiro has a college friend named Honjo who shares the same dreams as his. When Jiro’s working on his sketch in the class, a delivery package comes. It’s from the girl he has saved. Jiro uses his ruler for aiding Kinu’s leg.

When Jiro goes back to where he stays, he gets a visitor and thinks it is the girl he meets on the train. It turns out to be his younger sister, kayo. She comes to pay a visit as Jiro rarely comes home.

Jiro works for an airplane company in Nagoya, Japan for the Falcon Project under the command of Mr. Kurokawa, a petite man with a middle part hairstyle. The project is a failure and the company is urged to give the contract to its competing company.

The company then decides to send Jiro to Germany to study more about the German Junker’s works. Jiro succeeds in obtaining the essential knowledge from Germans and he returns to his country.

A Few Years Later

The Imperial Japanese Navy chooses him to lead a special project. Again, the project doesn’t go well, and it makes him feel disappointed. The company sends Jiro to a resort in order to make him free from the disappointment.

Jiro is walking on a land when the wind strongly rises in a sudden and blows away a parasol owned by a girl who’s painting up on a hill. Jiro catches it with all his might and gives it back to the girl.

Jiro then comes to meet the girl as she has something to say. It turns that she’s the same girl, Naoko, he helped when there was a deadly earthquake a long time ago. They introduce themselves to each other, and the rain starts to fall.

They fall in love and plan on tying the knot. Apparently, Naoko has been ill due to tuberculosis, the same life-threatening disease that takes her mom’s life away. Naoko asks Jiro to wait before marrying her until she gets better.

Jiro receives a telegram that says Naoko’s health deteriorates. Naoko has got lung hemorrhage that makes Jiro worry to death. He rushes out to Naoko’s place to meet her. Naoko says you’ll get the same disease if you with me but Jiro couldn’t care less.

As Naoko’s desire to live with Jiro grows bigger, she decides to go to a sanatorium to get a treatment for quite a long time.

Naoko knows that her condition isn’t getting better and decides to visit Jiro in Nagoya. They get married and spend a happy life together although it’s sort. Jiro’s sister who has finished medical school tells her brother that Naoko may not live that long.

Naoko decides to leave Jiro as she doesn’t want to see her during her last moment while battling with the diseases.

Jiro finally manages to create a durable jet fighter and the test flight works very well. He can even make a record as the plane is able to fly at the speed of 240 knots.

But there’s the strong wind that blows towards him and gives him an unpleasant feeling. Jiro feels that he wouldn’t be able to see Naoko again.

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