Indonesian Man Becomes Rich and Famous after Selling Meteorite Worth Almost $2 Million

indonesian man holding meteorite
via: sumut.inews.id

Josua Hutagalung from Central Tapanuli, Indonesia became famous after he found a 2.2 kg meteorite worth roughly $2 million, crashing his roof. The 33-year-old coffin makers said he was working on coffins at his house when he suddenly got startled by a loud noise from the sky.

It was very loud that part of my house was trembling and left a big hole on the roof and there was a big rock fell, said Josua.

He explained further that the rock created around a 15 cm hole in the ground. He went to dig it out and lifted it while the rock still felt warm.

I strongly believed it was a rock from the sky called meteorite because it would be impossible if there was somebody who threw it from the top, added Josua, according to kompas.com.

He decided to take footage and shared on his Facebook page and it went viral as it has gathered almost 150k views and a hundred of netizens have given responses on the video.

In the 30-second video, it showed his roof had a hole and a black rock in his yard that he was about to hoe.

After the news spread, someone was reportedly interested in buying it and offered him some huge amount of money of Rp.1 billion (US$70,890,40).

Josua eventually sold part of the rock 1.8kg to Jared Collins, an American meteor specialist who lives in Bali, for Rp200.000.000 (US$14,718,08).

Collins was reportedly sent the meteor to the US and it became a collection to a meteorite collector from Indianapolis, Jay Piatek.

Indonesian man meteorite
via: Josua Hutagalung

The space rock was reportedly sold again to another collector on an online-based platform for $10,004 (Rp.14,1 million) per gram, which means it’s worth approximately US$1,843150 (Rp.26 billion).

The news has taken people’s attention that they flocked to Josua’s house just to see the meteor in the flesh, which turned him into quite a celebrity. He also planned on building a church for people near his region.


via: facebook/josuahutagalung

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