Forgotten Full Synopsis - A Highly-Recommended Korean Thriller Movie 2017

forgotten korean thriller movie

Forgotten is a highly-recommended Korean thriller movie with an astonishing storyline directed by Jang Hang-jun. The stars include Kang Ha-neul, Kim Mu-yeol, Moon Sung-keun, and Na Young-hee. The movie was broadcast in 2017 on Netflix. It was a mind-blowing movie, and it would make you love South Korean movies even more. 

It begins with a family of four that moves to a new home. Jin-seok is a 21-year-old man who’s about to have an exam and has been taking anti-anxiety medication. When the first time Jin-seok arrives at the new home, he strangely feels as if he knows the place. 

A man from the delivery company notices something weird about his brother, and asks Jin-seok, “who is he?”

Jin-seok replies, “He’s my brother.”

 The man: “Older brother?” 

Jin-seok: “Yes,” 

The man: “How old is he?” But before he gets the answer Yoo-seok comes and tells the man that his friend calls him. 

When he’s having diner with them, he hears a weird sound comes from the room above him. His father convinces him that it was just thunder. 

To Jin-seok, his brother, Yoo-seok, is a hero. His brother is a multitalented person who is good almost at anything as if nothing he can’t do that even Jin-seok himself admires him. 

But because of an accident, his brother suffers from an injury that causes him to have a slight limp when walking. 

On one rainy night, he sees his brother gets abducted by a group of people with a black van. When he tries to help him, it was too late as the van has already left. Fortunately, Jin-seok manages to see and remembers the plate number. 

He gets back home and tells his parents about what happens. Jin-seok tells everything he sees to the police, but nobody believes him. 

After 19 days, his brother returns home from kidnapping, but he says he doesn’t remember anything. But Jin-seok notices something suspicious of him as he’s walking. 

As his suspicions about his brother grow stronger, one night he follows his brother to a strange place. There he sees the men who questioned him the night his brothers got abducted. 

When they notice that someone’s tailing them, they begin to catch Jin-seok. He runs with all his might and manages to escape until he gets caught from behind. When he wakes up, Jin-seok finds himself already in the same room with his brother. 

Jin-seok becomes panicked and runs away from his brother and locks himself in the bathroom. He takes a pipe to protect himself from him, but his brother is able to tackle him down. 

He also convinces him that nothing happens that night Jin-seok thinks he follows his by taking a taxi and getting chased by some men. But then Jin-seok remembers that he doesn’t tell him about riding a taxi.

He tells what happens to his mom, but he gets surprised when he accidentally hears his mom talking on the phone. He realizes that his mom already knows about it and that they plot something on Jin-seok.  

Jin-seok tries to get back to his room from the outside when raining, so that his mom won’t get suspicious. Even though he manages it, his mom already knows that he’s trying to fool her. 

Jin-seok doesn’t know who to trust anymore, because his own family is up to something. He decides to get away from the house that night, but his father sees him and asks him to say. 

He runs away and gets chased by a guy. When he gets caught, a vehicle suddenly hits the guy and saves Jin-seok from him while he runs toward a police station.

He tells everything to the police but they get confused about what he says. Jin-seok tells them that he is 21 years old, and thinks that he lives in 1997. 

The police show him a calendar on the wall and tell him that it’s 2017, which means he is supposed to be 41 years old. He looks into a mirror and sees himself becoming an old man in his 40s.

Jin-seok goes back to the house and demands them to tell what really happens and what they exactly want from him. The guy, who was pretending to his brother, lets the cat out of the bag. 

He accuses Jin-seok of a murder case that took place there 20 years ago. He murdered two people, a mother and her daughter in the room that has been set to make it look like the night the evil incident occurred including the song that plays that night.

Jin-seok doesn’t buy what he says and believes himself that he isn’t a murderer. When Jin-seok is brought somewhere in a vehicle, he opens the door and jumps out of the vehicle. 

He once again gets chased down. Yoo-seok is losing his controls and is about to hit him with the van he rides, but instead, another car hit him and stops him from chasing Jin-seok. 

Unfortunately, Jin-seok himself gets hit by another car that causes him to regain his memory. He remembers he’s in a car to his new home with his family, and there they get involved in a car accident that kills his parents and makes his brother suffer from a severe injury that forces him to bedridden for one half a year. 

He needs to get operated but at that time Jin-seok has no money. He even tries to sell his own organ to save his brother to a man but the man refuses and asks him to find another way instead. 

He then receives an offer to do a certain job and is told that he will get the money he needs for his brother’s medication. The job is to kill a woman. Jin-seok is reluctant to do it in the first place, but he doesn’t have another option left. 

He goes to the house where he’s ordered to take out the woman. There live three people, two kids and their mother. The woman wakes up that night and sees a man she thinks is her husband and screams. 

Jin-seok asks the woman not to scream, and he’s about to leave because he thinks he isn’t in his right mind at the moment. When his daughter wakes up, she sees the man holding a knife towards her mom. 

She screams frantically and makes Jin-seok panics. He comes to the girls and asks her to stop screaming but she just can’t stop. She closes the door, but Jin-seok pushes himself to enter the room and accidentally kills her with the knife. 

Her mom sees her daughter bleeding and lying down on the floor as she screams. Again, Jin-seok does the same mistake as he pushes her and turns on the radio and plays a song unintentionally. 

Jin-seok is about to leave the house he then meets the kid. He asks where his mom is to Jin-seok. He tells the kid that he would see his mom again after he counts to 100 ten times. 

Jin-seok sees a family picture on the wall. He knows the doctor who works to help his brother is the woman’s husband. 

Jin-seok then knows who gives him the job and asks him why he does this. The doctor tells Jin-seok that he needs her insurance payout to take care of his kids. 

They get into argumentation and the doctor tries to kill Jin-seok, but instead, the doctor falls out from the roof. 

Back to the Present 

Jin-seok wakes up and he finds beside him the guy who pretended to be his brother. When he’s about to kill him by injecting a certain liquid, Jin-seok asks him to tell the victim’s family that he’s sorry for what he did to them. 

He then admits all his wrongdoings. The guy then tells Jin-seok who he really is. He’s the very same kid whose mother and sister get killed by him. 

I’ll let you to see the ending yourself, and it will surprise you after the guy knows all of the whole story behind it. 

Forgotten movie scores 7.4/10 on IMDB and it's 79% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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