Filipino Girl Shocked after App Glitch Causing 42 Food Drivers to Arrive at the Doorstep

via: Dann Kayne Suarez

As online market grows bigger trough time, people take good advantage of it by purchasing one, two or more stuff just by clicking the apps on their smartphones. The goods will arrive in an hour or days, depending on what kind of things you buy and how far your addresses are. 

That may look simple as you can just make an order and directly pay it via E-wallet or when you received your order at home. However, the internet connection isn’t always good enough to support you to book something online. 

filipino girl order chicken fillet
via: Dann Kayne Suarez

This viral story below will remind you to be careful when purchasing food using a smartphone that ended up in a quite commotion. It took place in the Philippines when a young girl ordered a chicken fillet. 

Barangay Mabolo street in Cebu City got crowded after 42 food delivery food drivers showed up at once in front of a seven-year-old Filipino girl’s house although she only ordered one chicken fillet box. 

The residents in the area couldn’t help but curious about what was happening there. The unusual sight occurred because of an error in the app food delivery system that caused 42 repeated orders for the same menu from FoodPanda, a well-known food delivery company. 

The now-viral incident happened on Wednesday morning around 11 am, at which the girl was at home accompanied by her grandmother. 

Her parents weren’t at home at the time, but they left her daughter a smartphone so that she could use it for ordering some food through an app. According to the girl’s neighbor, Dann Kayne Suarez, she had used her smartphone before for similar purposes. 

She knew how to use her smartphone. The problem, however, happened because of the slow internet connection while making the order. Due to the glitch, she consecutively pressed the menu that resulted in 42 purchases. 

When her order arrived, she was startled as she didn’t expect there would be 42 drivers bringing the same kind of chicken fillets while she meant to buy just one. The box that has chicken fillet, french fries and rice in it costs P189 ($3,93) each, which means the girl needed to pay P7,398 ($153,72).

filipino girl order chicken fillet
via: Dann Kayne Suarez

“Ang nahitabo kay nagsige siyag order, nihinay ang connection nila. Meaning mi-error siya. Kay mi-error, mipindot na pud siya og laing order. Sige lang gihapon siya."

“She made orders when the internet connection is at a snail pace. Then, an error occurred, because of which she booked another order, and repeated it several times,” Suarez said.

“Nihilak tawon ang bata. Luoy lagi, wa man siya kabalo (The child cried. I pity her because she did not know what had happened),” he added, according to SunStar

Because of the hubbub she was facing, the girl was frightened and then cried thinking about the bill she had to pay. 

Fortunately, the problem got partly solved as her neighbors, including Suarez who shared photos and footage on social media, showed up and bought some of her orders and directly paid those delivery men. 

We would like to hear if, by any chance, you experienced such a similar incident.  Share it with us in the comment section! 

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