A Grandparent-to-Be Shows How to Bathe a Baby to His Son Using an Incredibly Cool Family Cat

When you’re not sure about how to handle a task as you’re a complete novice, asking for advice is a common thing any first-time learner would do. Expecting a baby is a new experience that many couples would get excited and slightly worried about, at once.

They would be delighted as their little family would welcome a new family member, but, at the same time, it’s also a challenging gift that requires lots of preparations as they are still amateurs who ought to learn things related to parenting skills. 

As a parent-to-be, you might have watched lots of bathing baby demonstrations either on streaming platforms or real demonstrations that you see in person. However, it isn’t an ordinary task you can just carry it out after minutes of watching tutorials. 

Therefore, you might need some more knowledge that encourages you to perform it just in case if there’s nobody around you can ask for help from. 

Recently, a two-minute long video of a Vietnamese grandparent-to-be performing a bathing baby demo using a family cat has gone viral. 

Vinh Quang Pham uploaded the footage on Facebook on November 7 and has been viewed and shared by ten thousands of people on one of the biggest social media platforms.

Fellow netizens on Facebook get amazed by the way the man doing the task carefully and thoroughly. He slowly showed how to handle a baby gently without disrupting its calmness. 

Moreover, the model, a family cat, seemed to enjoy being in the man’s hand while remaining incredibly stay still until the end of the video. 

During the video, the cat kept acting cool while wagging its tail in a moving hand. Vinh Quang Pham’s dad then showed hot to bathe a baby like a pro. Well, he is a father after all. 

He taught his son how to hold, wash, clean and wrap the baby with a towel. He also told him to be careful not to let water get into his or her ears. 

His son would really appreciate his dad’s help although it would be different when he’s doing it using a real baby. 

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