Top 10 Must-Visit Destinations in Indonesia that Make You Feel at Home

10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia
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Traveling has lots of benefits that certainly have a good impact on you from broadening your horizons, creating beautiful memories, and living your life to the fullest. You must at least go travel to these must-visit destinations in Indonesia to see how beautiful the world's fourth most populous country is. 

Traveling when you’re young is a must as you’re full of beans and has the chance to it because it’d be a little difficult to do when you’re already married and are tied with a hectic schedule at work.

It will also give you lots of experiences including meeting new people, places, and languages as well. If you’re planning to visit Indonesia this year, here are the 10 most popular tourist destinations you should try.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

1. Bali

10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia
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Who on earth doesn’t know about Bali? Bali is very famous among tourists both local and international. Bali, the land of Gods, offers you with many beautiful beaches, terraced rice fields, and precious heritage.

If you’re fond of diving, Nusa Penida will be just what you’re looking for. You’ll find tons of breathtaking views that sure will make your journey unforgettable. You can also dive along with manta rays and mola mola also known as sunfish there.

Bali also has a plethora of dance styles, including but not limited to, Kecak, Barong, and Legong. Are you looking for souvenirs? Don’t worry! Balinese make plenty of crafts that you can take home as proof that have set a foot in Bali.

2. Borobudur Temple

10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia

Borobudur is a Buddhist temple and is one of the biggest temples in the world built in the era of the Syailendra dynasty and located in Magelang, Central Java. It has a very unique architecture and it is included in the list of world’s seven wonders by Unesco.

Dating from the 9th century, the majestic Borobudur temple features with stunning 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues – a wonderful and ancient design of a Buddhist temple like no other.

Interesting facts about Borobudur you should know is that it was built without glue yet it stands magnificently still up to today. This is a must-visit destination you should include on your travel destination list.

3. Raja Ampat

10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia is a growing country surrounded by multitudinous of pretty islands and has abundant tourism places that await you to be explored. Situated in West Papua Province, Raja Ampat Islands are a paradise for divers, which famous for its staggeringly beautiful coral reef and undersea biota.

This is one of the world’s most beautiful diving spots any submarine devotee shouldn’t miss. The place has a tranquil, hospitable ambiance that’s perfect for you who strive to find a peaceful haven – an escape from a metropolis-related nuisance. 

4. Komodo Island
10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia
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With 1.817 km2 area, Komodo National Park consists of three big islands including Komodo island, Rinca island, and Radar island. The ancient-related creature that can grow up to 2 – 3 meters long, Komodo Dragon is reported to live well in Komodo island, East Nusa Tenggara.

Komodo island is the habitat of the biggest lizard who roam the earth, and it’s a world heritage, and World’s Top Ten destinations by National Geographic magazine. Komodo Island has more to offer with its beautiful underwater.

There are more than 380 corals, over 70 sponges, various dolphins and sharks, green turtles, and manta rays. You can only find such a beautiful place here in Indonesia. I, myself, would love to go there one day.

5. Toba Lake

10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia
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Dubbed as the largest volcano lake in the world with over 1,145 km2 and 505 meters in depth, Toba Lake is larger than Singapore, and it’s located in Barisan Mountains, North Sumatera.

It was resulted from a massive eruption that is believed taking place around 70.000 years ago. In the middle, there’s an island called Samosir on which villages with splendid natural views exist such as mountains and waterfalls.

From April to August, you’ll likely be able to see the festivity held by the Batak tribe. They usually hold a ceremony to honor their ancestors by singing and dancing or even hosting sports.  You can visit many historical sites, watch people plant paddy and a lot more.

6. Tana Toraja

10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia
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Tana Toraja is located in South Sulawesi Province and is a perfect place for you who love to have a spiritual experience while enjoying exotic places. There you can find that Toraja people still keep their culture and custom until now.

Tongkonan is a Toraja’s house that has a distinctive design that attracts both local and worldwide tourists. It has a very unique shape that used to be a place for nobles and now becomes a custom house.

Another famous thing about Tana Toraja is Ma’nene tradition, in which people dug their ancestors’ dead body up to be cleaned and dressed with new clothes by Baruppu people who live deep in Tana Toraja.

7. Bromo

10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia
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If you’re looking for a beautiful destination around East java, I’d suggest you Mount Bromo. It offers you with many beautiful scenes and spots you can enjoy by riding a horse.

Taken from Sanskrit language, Bromo is derived from a Hindu god, Brahma. It’s famous for its destination objects in East Java, one of which is take pictures of sunrise. To get a perfect shot of the sunrise, you should first know the time when the sun rises.

Find a spot or place on which you’ll highly likely to get a bet shot. You’re also advised to take a lot of pictures from various angles to get pictures as you expect. Bromo is an active volcano with 2,392 meters in height. With IDR.100k – 150k, you can already have a horse to accompany you to enjoy Bromo’s landscape.

8. Bunaken Marine Park

10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia
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Bunaken is our next worth-visiting destination you should definitely see at least once in a lifetime. It’s a worldwide diving site with sheer clear water. You’ll be able to spot some beautiful underwater creatures including a variety of sharks, sea turtles, a school of fish species, endangered dugongs.

The best time to visit will be during the dry season from May -- September. For your information, Indonesia is a tropical country that has two seasons, which are the dry and rainy season. You can either go snorkeling or diving here depending on your personal preference.

You can exclusively hire a boat if you feel like dolphin and whale watching. It’s also possible to have a nice trip exploring the beauty of Bunaken Marine Park.

9.  Kepulauan Seribu

10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia
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Up to this moment, Jakarta is still the capital city of Indonesia as there’s a rumor that says the capital city will be changed or moved and there are lots of places as the options. Kepulaun Seribu or The Thousand Islands are a beautiful destination near Jakarta.

With a plethora of small islands that scatter in Jakarta bay, Kepulauan Seribu can be alternative tourism for you who live near the capital such as Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. It also fits for you who come from different parts of the world.

There are several islands that you can try to take a look. Here they are including, but not limited to, Perak, Pari, Pramuka, Tidung, and Harapan island. Snorkeling would be a good activity you can do while visiting Kepulauan Seribu as it offers you breathtaking views underwater.

10. Dieng Plateau
10 must-visit destinations in Indonesia
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Last but not least is Dieng plateau. Dieng means “Abode of the Gods.” What can Dieng offer for you? Well, to begin with, Dieng has several small, ancient Hindu temples that are believed from the Kalinga Kingdom era.

There are also two stunning ponds called Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon. “Warna” means color whereas” pengilon” means mirror. Telaga Warna has a beautiful tosca colored surface while the other one is brownish.

Dieng is also a wonderful place for hunting golden sunrise. It’s just perfect for you who’s addicted to taking sunrise pictures. Not to mention its clean and wet air that brings a peaceful atmosphere you can’t find in big cities.

Those are 10 top must-visit destinations in Indonesia that I recommend you to give them ago. Go travel and see the world in person. You’ll find how unique and beautiful the world God created.

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