Indonesian Twins Trena and Treni Finally Met on TikTok in a Touching Reunion after Separation of 20 Years


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Trena and Treni finally met on Tiktok after the long separation of 20 years. The internet has showed its magic once again. This story of the twins from Indonesia who got separated since they were babies will move you!

It’s such a precious gift to have twin kids whether they are both boys, or girls or one boy and the other one is a girl. They would bring so much happiness to the family, and they would look so cute in couple outfits. 

But sometimes, due to uncertain conditions or tragedy, they get separated. It obviously an immeasurable pain any parent should endure and nothing in this world can exchange them. 

In the past, people would find it difficult to find their missing family member or twin as there is no connection or relation that can tell where their whereabouts are. 

Nowadays, the world seems to become smaller and smaller thanks to the internet and social media. Media platforms are a good means to find missing people or items. Sometimes, you could find people you may have been looking for in ages. 

From one media platform to another, your post, tweet, or video will get forwarded by good netizens who are willingly trying to help, which leads you to finally meet the very person you're searching for. 

Recently in Indonesia, people have been overwhelmed by the reunion of twin sisters Treni Fitri Yana and Trena Mustika . They both got separated since they were toddlers because of a conflict where they lived. 

After the 20-year separation, Treni met her sister Trena on TikTok. Trena’s families were migrants from Java who lived in Ambon, Maluku. 

Their father, Enceng, said “because of the conflict in Maluku in 1999, we were forced to go back to our hometowns. Rini and Misranto went back to Malang, East Java with Treni while my wife and I took Trena to Tasikmalaya, West Jawa. Treni had 7 brothers and sisters, but one of her sisters died while she was a kid, “ according to Kompas

Treni said she didn’t know that she had a twin sister as her foster mother didn’t tell her the truth. That’s because mom didn’t have a daughter and she was afraid of losing me, Treni added.

Unlike Treni, Trena, who is Treni’s older sister, knew about the separation story since she was a kid. She had been looking for her sister on social media, but couldn’t find her. Luckily Treni is on Tiktok. 

Treni, who lives in Blitar, East Java, made an account on TikTok because of which she was found by her real family. It was Trena’s neighbor who found Treni and then later told Trena's family about it. Trena’s brother tried to reach her by calling her phone number and asking a few questions to her. 

At first, Treni wasn’t so convinced and thought it was just a coincidence that her face looks similar to Trena. 

Until he showed Trena’s Facebook account to her, and she started to believe everything he said. Treni couldn’t express how happy and overwhelmed she was, but, at the same time, she was also afraid of how her foster mother would react to it. 

Her biological mother, Rohaenah, passed away two years ago, but her faith was proven now that the twins could finally meet. She had always believed that one day they could be together again. They both visited their mother’s grave wearing the same hijab while bursting into tears. 

Anything can happen when God is willing to. Being separated for 20 years is painful, but after the long wait, the family finally be able to reunite. 

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