Parasite Movie - One of The Best Korean Movies of All Time


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Parasite movie is unlike any other show you’ve watched. You’ll be surprised after you watch it yourself. The director received many praises worldwide for bringing such a fascinating story. 

At first, the plot maybe looks like a common story you see in every movie or tv series, but it was perfectly delivered with a beautiful move. That’s what makes Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite different than others’. 

It’s a dark comedy thriller movie that is worth watching. It was proven by winning four Academy Awards at the Oscars in 2020 including Best picture, Directing, International Feature Movie and Writing. 

It’s also pocketed the award for Best Picture as the first non-English language movie in Oscar history. Bong Joon Ho is the mastermind behind the phenomenal Korean movie. 

He is a well-known South Korean director who has made several acclaimed movies including, but not limited to Parasite, Snow Piercer, Mother, and the Host.


The story begins from the Kim family consists of four family members. They live in a cramped apartment, and are desperate to provide their daily needs as they work for peanuts.  

Ki-woo is the son of Kim family who is asked by his friend, Min-hyuk, to be his substitute as an English tutor for a girl, Da-hye,  who comes from a filthy reach family, the Parks. 

Ki-woo is accepted and hired to be her private tutor. The Parks originally already have some employees that help them, but ever since Kim family comes everything changes. 

Soon, after Ki-woo, who is later called Kevin by the Parks, suggests as an art therapist for Da-hye’s brother, Da-song. 

Ki-jung gets rid of Mr Park’s driver by doing some dirty, leaving her underwear in the car tricking as if he were having a sex. He then gets fired and is replaced by her father, Ki-taek. 

They’re planning to continue their mission by removing the Park’s housekeeper. Then, comes Chung-sook, mother, as the replacement. 

They work together as a team in the Parks’ residence without telling that they know each other. However, Mr Park is somehow curious with Ki-taek and the others as they seem to have similar smell. 

The true story is about to unfold after those incidents. After they succeed kicking out the servants, a new story is coming. 

There’s a hidden secret inside the huge house of Mr Park and this is what makes you keep your eyes open while get surprised.

When the Parks are away for a vacation, enjoy themselves in the luxurious residence. Then, Moon-gwang shows up at the door saying that she forgets something in the house’s basement, and asks to let her in. 

It turns out that she’s lying. There is actually a man that has been hiding in the mansion without getting caught by the Parks. He’s her husband who’s been running from loan sharks, hiding in the bunker built from the previous owner.

Like the name suggests, the Kim family is parasite. They will later destroy the Parks because of their greedy. How Mr Park’s kindness is paid with cruelty. 

The 2-hour-long movie will keep you hinged. It’s an unpredictable movie that received many prizes from viewers and critics. 

Parasite Movie is a Korean flick that scored 8.6/10 at IMDB, and 99% at Rotten Tomatoes. If you need a show to watch during the pandemic, this one is a must. 

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