Disney Live-Action Movie Mulan Synopsis and Review

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Mulan is a new Disney movie released in 2020, during the pandemic. In this kind of distressing time, many shows and events have been postponed to uncertain dates. Many fans around the globe can’t help but disappointing.

At this moment, moviegoers are made to watch the most-awaited and anticipated movies from homes all this year. Streaming online services are gaining lots of profits from this kind of situation. But that isn’t intended as you all know it’s because of the Covid-19.

A while ago, Disney launched a live-action movie Mulan starring Liu Yifei, Donnie Yen, Tzi Ma, Jason Scott Lee, and Jet Lee.

The animated movie, back in 1998, was a huge success. It was an enthralling, funny, and intriguing story packaged with a good sense of humor. Everybody would love to rewatch the animated version before or after watching the new one.

The live-action story circulates of Hua Mulan, a girl who comes from a small, ordinary family. She lives with her parents and her sister. The villagers find that Mulan doesn’t behave like any other girl in the village.

She has something special flowing in her vein. Mulan has a strong qi since she was young.  One day, she is forced to meet a matchmaker in the town to see whether or not she can be a good wife in the future.

The matchmaking, as predicted, ends up in a disaster. It turns into chaos that angers the matchmaker, and costs her family die of embarrassment. She is told that she would never be a good wife because of her presumptuous and impudent behavior.

After the matchmaking ceremony, she hears an announcement that China is under a threat. The emperor then orders to gain more power in order to protect China from the enemy.

It all starts when Bori Khan and his fellows, Rourans, attack northern cities of China. It’s reported that their powers are beyond imagination that they can conquer those areas like nothing.

Hua Mulan is a brave girl that goes into a war as a substitute to her father, Hua Zou. Her father, who is a veteran, is not young anymore and has difficulty in walking. Therefore, he isn’t suitable to be a soldier.

Not wanting her old man dies in war, Mulan takes the horse, armors, and swords and then escapes to join forces where she meets her friends and begins training.


She cuts her long hair and disguises herself as a man so that she will be allowed to become a soldier. During the training, Mulan creates havoc among the soldiers that leads her to get to know them.

Mulan tries to conceal her power by pretending to be an ordinary man with average power. Though, she can’t hide it from her commander, Donnie Yen.

Bori Khan, Jason Scott Lee, has a grudge towards the Emperor as he slaughtered his father when he was young. His acts get enormous support from a witch named Xianniang. With her magical powers, she can turn into anything she likes, because of which Bori Khan wins his raid.

Many say the movie wasn’t as good as the animated version, but it wasn't that bad either. There were some changes that may have caused disappointment to viewers. But you’ll find it quite entertaining to watch.

In the animated version, we found that Mulan's fellow soldiers are quite funny and kept us stay awake during the movie. On the other hand, the live-action movie was quite the opposite, and you're not going to see them as hilarious as they were. 

The witch and Mulan's sister were some additional characters as I recall that they were not there. The rest was pretty much as you had seen in the previous version. People would always love to see animated movies turned into live-action because we can finally be able to picture each role, and place in it. 

That would be every fan's dream ever. It would even be better if the new movies are as good as the old ones. Let's wait what Disney's could give us in the next upcoming years. 

I failed to recognize that Jet Li was the emperor. The make-up and costume were pretty impressive that viewers couldn’t believe who he was. This was some dedication of how a make-up artist shows his part in the movie. 

 Mulan scored 6.6/10 IMDB and was certified fresh at 74% on Rotten Tomatoes

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