Jenny Jinya an Illustrator Who Loves to Break You Down by Showing the Truth about Animal's Life to the world

Jenny-Jinya is an illustrator that often pictures a true reality about animals or pets including, cats, dogs, fish, and a lot more. The illustration is kind of sad as one of the aims is to raise awareness among people about animal cruelty.

One of the stories she shared on her fan page was about a dog that was left behind. He was alone, cold, and afraid. But he kept on waiting for his owner to come back until he realized it was useless.

Another character in her illustration is a grim ripper who always appears to pick up any poor animals or humans who are dead. The death is a skeleton with a black robe and his scythe. 

The post was liked and shared by thousands of the author’s followers. It’s not only sad stories about animals, but Jenny also provides the illustration with facts and the ugly true reality behind those poor animals whose freedom or rights are taken away.

Those are some facts about Jenny Jinya that make her followers keep increasing through time. She is a German illustrator who’s currently studying Digital Media at the Hawk University of Applied Science.

This time she illustrated a life story about parrots that were held captive. One of its babies was bought by a little girl, but she didn’t really know how to deal with a budgie. The mom let her buy it because it was cheap.

The girl then realized that the budgie she purchased didn’t really talk or sang as she had imagined before. She got angry and shouted at the little bird that made him depressed.


Jenny Jinya, illustrator, story, animal, parrots sad truth

The first picture showed how happy the family was when they were together. That happiness could be seen on their faces.


Jenny Jinya, illustrator, story, animal, parrots sad truth

The second picture showed the mother taught her little budgies a nice song that they liked very much.


Jenny Jinya, illustrator, story, animal, parrots sad truth

The third one was a sign that the little budgie’s life would be changed for good. The mom probably just wanted to make her little daughter happy by giving what she wanted. The problem was that she didn’t how to pet a parrot.


Jenny Jinya, illustrator, story, animal, parrots sad truth

The next picture told us how bad she treated the poor little budgie by ordering him to sing when he might still feel shocked after getting separated from his happy family.

Jenny Jinya, illustrator, story, animal, parrots sad truth


The budgie needed some time to get used to with the new environment and that’s only natural even humans do the same.


Jenny Jinya, illustrator, story, animal, parrots sad truth

The mom also didn’t show that she understood that a parrot voice could be so loud, and it would create some noises when it started singing.


This was what made the bird got even sadder knowing that anything he tried to do didn’t the owner didn’t appreciate it.


He still tried to continue the song his mother once taught him though. This kind of thing often happens when people lose interest in the pets they have.

And the last picture will get you so emotional realizing that this was the end of his miserable life.


Although this means that his pain has gone forever. But it’s really painful just by reading his story. I can’t imagine if I directly see it myself.

In the last picture, the illustrator tried to raise awareness by showing facts about parrots and their natural habits. This can teach whoever wants to pet a parrot to pay attention more to them.

Although the best thing for them is to let them live in the wild. Allow parrots to live their lives in the jungle would keep nature stay friendly with us, humans.

In Indonesia, it can be found that many pet lovers keep a variety of birds. Good owner would provide what the birds need. They say that having birds can be an alternative way to reduce stress level.

The price for each bird is dependent on what type of birds they have. A bird’s health condition, growth and voices can be a measurement. To be honest,  I’m fond of listening to bird songs, but I don’t feel like having them, and I haven’t considered to pet one.

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