Adele's Weight Loss Stuns Fans and Makes Her Barely Unrecognizable

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Adele stunned many fans with her incredible weight loss in August 2020. Her appearance was almost unrecognizable when she showed a picture on her Instagram account. 

The Hello singer was reported to have lost a remarkable seven stone. Adele’s weight loss photos amazed people. She was spotted to look way slimmer on a beach in Anguilla while she was on her vacation. 

She has been following the Sirtfood Diet method by eating certain plant foods including kale and buckwheat. These foods help control appetite and activate body’s thin gene. 

Adele was introduced to pilates instructor Camila Goodis by Robbie William’s spouse, Ayda field. Camila told that the singer didn’t really fond of exercising and said her new transformation was due to dieting progress.

She has been avoiding consuming sugar, processed food, and soft drinks. She also carries on her healthy diet by not allowing an unnecessary amount of calories in her body and spends some more energy instead. 

Adele didn’t really care about losing weight before when she first became famous back in 2008. In fact, she would decline to work with whoever had a problem with her body. 

She said, “Even when I was singing a contract, most of the industry knew if anyone ever dared say: ‘Lose weight’ to me, they wouldn’t be working with me.” She told People magazine. 

Adele was very proud and didn’t care what people say about her body. She said “Weight has nothing to do with my career as a response to a famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s word when he told the Golden Globe Award recipient was ‘a little too fat’ back in 2012. 

Now, nobody would dare say “lose weight” to the English singer ever again. Her new appearance is such an inspiration for you who's struggling with body weight. 

What did her fans say about her body transformation? Some said she’s too skinny, but other fans were quite happy with her new look. 

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