11 Mind-Blowing Facts about the Human Body You Wish You Knew Earlier

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Human beings are a creature that is capable to live anywhere on earth. It's because you can adapt to any situation or condition that other creatures cannot. Human body facts are interesting to learn. There are many fun and weird facts about the human body parts that make us on the top food chain. 

We’ve compiled at least 11 facts about them in this article. Read along and you're going to be surprised shortly after. 

1. Fingerprints

Finger prints are one's true identity because every person has his own signature with which you can use as the right tools for many essential or security purposes. 

They are an infallible way of distinguishing yourself as they don't change even though you grow older during time. The ridge pattern on the end of your fingers will stay the same. However, koala is the kind of animal that has unique finger arrangements that look like human’s.  

2. The Ability

Babies are born with many amazing talents, one of which is swimming. They're able to swim naturally since birth although it will gradually disappear as they grow.  At the week of 23 pregnancies, a baby-to-be can already hear voices even when they are inside a womb.

3. The Bones

Bones are made up of some substances including, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, mineral, and protein collagen. There are 206 bones in the human body. But, believe it or not, they were originally a lot more than that. 

As you grow up, your bones fuse together and form larger ones in your body. The bones are said stronger than steel or concrete. 

4. Talkative as Kids

Due to their curiosity, 4-year-olds ask roughly 200 – 300 questions a day, if not more. It means as a parent you should be prepared to answer all of their questions with simple explanations that are easy for them to understand. 

5. Your Eyes Close when Sneezing

Another surprising fact about the human body is that your eyes will automatically close when sneezing. Your body has a great defense mechanism to protect itself from unwelcome particles on or in your body. When your nose gets tickling or itchy, sneezing is the best way of getting rid of bacteria in your nose. 

6. The Brain

A good reason why it’s good to keep yourself stay hydrated is that because your body is made of water. Around 75 percent of the human brain is made of that. The brain starts to lose some memory and cognitive skills in the late 20s. 

The size can also get decreased as we grow older. The brain takes about 20 percent of the oxygen and blood in your body in order to work. 

7. The Digestive System

The human body produces at least 32 ounces of saliva a day that helps for digesting food. The stomach can stretch up and save up to almost 2 kg of food at one time. Burping is a way for the stomach to removing air when you eat in a hurry, consume soft drinks, or smoke. 

8. The Heart

Can you tell how big the human heart is? Well, that’s easy to answer. It’s as big as the size of your fist as an adult. The heart beats around 115,000 times, and it pumps approximately 2,000 gallons of blood every day. 

9. The Lips

Lips are one of the most unique human body parts. Like finger prints, the lips are also infallible.  You’ll never find a person with the same lip shape. 

They are a very sensitive part of the body and have a million of nerve endings. What interesting about lips is that they don’t sweat. 

10. The Feet

The average foot has 33 joints, 26 bones, 19 muscles, and 107 ligaments. There are around one-quarter of the body’s bones are in your feet. Toenails grow slower than fingernails do. 

11. The Teeth

Teeth are one of your body parts that have the same feature as fingerprints. Even if you’re twin, your teeth are different, so does the tongue. There are 32 teeth in your mouth, consisting of incisors, canine teeth, premolars and molars.  

Bones are strong, but the enamel is stronger than that. It’s to protect your teeth like a shell. Be sure to keep your teeth clean as your mouth can be a home for more hundred types of bacteria. 

The human body is unique and amazing, and by learning the human body facts you’ll know more about their purposes, and become proud and grateful for your body. 

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